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Reyooz - Terms and Conditions

Use Agreement

The Use Agreement

These terms and conditions (“the Use Agreement”) govern any person’s, or organisation as the context applies, (the “User”) browsing or use of the website at www.reyooz.com (“reyooz.com”). The Use Agreement applies between the User (whether an individual or legal person) and Reyooz Ltd a company registered in England No. 9211529 whose registered address is The Fruitworks 77 Stour Street Canterbury Kent CT1 2NR (“Reyooz”).

User agrees to be bound by the Use Agreement current at the time User commences each instance of access or use. The Use Agreement may be updated or amended at any stage by Reyooz and will cover all transactions finalised after that time.

Use of the brokering services powered by reyooz.com (“the Facility”) must be strictly in accordance with the procedures set out on reyooz.com including but not limited to rules relating to the completion of deals conducted via the Facility and user conduct. Failure to abide by any of the procedures laid down shall constitute breach of the Use Agreement. Reyooz.com rules are generally displayed at the point of use [and summary can be found on the help pages at: https://www.reyooz.com/about/help

User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, Reyooz and/or it’s associates, subsidiaries, their officers, directors, employees, affiliates, licensees, business partners and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees resulting from any breach by User of the Use Agreement.

If Reyooz determines that a User has breached the Use Agreement Reyooz reserves the right at its absolute discretion to investigate such breaches and issue an email notification to the User for each breach. Reyooz may charge the User, either directly or through the User's account an administrative fee in respect of each such notification reflecting time spent in investigating and notifying the User of each breach. Whether such fee is charged or not Reyooz also reserves the right to suspend or permanently deny access to the Facility of any User or such User’s business.

Browsing or Use

Reyooz.com is a brokering service to promote the re-use or recycling of goods by inviting those with pre-used goods to retain and post details of their goods on reyooz.com and those interested in re-using those goods or materials to accept receipt of such goods, mediated by a carrier or collection in person. Accordingly all agreements to take supply of goods via the Facility are agreements between a Provider and Recipient to which Reyooz is not a party. Users enter into separate agreements with Reyooz to supply the brokering or intermediary service only.

The Facility is available only to those carrying out a business or intending to take a supply in the course of their organisation’s activities. The Facility is not available to those acting as consumers. Accordingly by registering you are representing that you are not acting as a consumer.

Users may browse the Facility without registering. A User wishing to use the Facility must register beforehand by following the procedures set out on Reyooz.com. Registration must be separately as those wishing to post items for re-use (“Provider”) or as those wishing to receive items using the Facility (“Recipient”).

Listing service

A Provider may list their goods on reyooz.com in accordance with these terms. Such listings are under the control of Reyooz and will be treated in accordance with these based on the information provided by Provider.

Reyooz.com provides quotations for traditional disposal or reuse and redistribution of the goods as described in each listing using a methods of disposal and pricing chosen at the sole discretion of Reyooz. Reyooz may in its absolute discretion provide quotations for part of a set of goods in a listing or across a group of listings.

Reyooz.com will also provide to Provider details of any offers made by Recipients offering to take delivery of Provider’s goods in a listing, part thereof or group as the case maybe. With such details reyooz.com will provide Provider with a quotation to allow specified Recipients to take delivery of Provider’s goods in a listing, part thereof or group as the case maybe.

Reyooz.com is entitled to quote based on carrier agents or methods of delivery and any other factors of its choice. Reyooz.com has no obligation to quote on all listings nor for all offers made by Recipients.

Provider shall use its best endeavours to accept at least one Recipient offer. Provider confirms that it will keep the goods listed available for Recipient delivery at least as long as Provider has indicated to reyooz.com or, if shorter, as long as reyooz.com has notice of such period at the time of Provider’s acceptance of a Recipient offer.

Once Provider has accepted a Recipient offer on reyooz.com it is bound to meet the quote for delivery of the listed goods. reyooz.com is not bound to instruct a delivery. Recipient is not bound to accept delivery except in accordance with these terms.

Reyooz.com has no obligation to obtain a Recipient offer for listed goods.

Finders Service

Where Recipient agrees to take delivery of non-listed goods introduced by reyooz.com Recipient agrees to pay the quote for delivery provided by Reyooz.

Reyooz.com is entitled to quote based on carrier agents or methods of delivery and any other factors of its choice.

Recipient confirms that reyooz.com acts as a mere introduction facility and at no time shall Reyooz be taken by Recipient to be supplying goods to Recipient. Further Recipient acknowledges that Reyooz provides the introduction facility via reyooz.com and the information supplied thereto by Provider. Recipient agrees that it is its own responsibility to check on the suitability of the goods for its own purposes.

Reyooz.com has no obligation to find suitable items sought after by Recipient.

Reyooz will use its reasonable endeavours to obtain delivery within the timescale notified to it by Provider, however Reyooz shall not be liable for failure by Provider to retain the goods or deliver within the timescale provided to Recipient.

Provider confirms that it will keep the goods listed available for Recipient delivery at least as long as Provider has indicated to reyooz.com or, if shorter, as long as reyooz.com has notice of such period at the time of Provider’s acceptance of a Recipient offer.

Reyooz’s Fees

Reuse Service Fees: Provider is bound to pay the reuse service Fee as soon as Provider accepts a Recipient offer (whether via reyooz.com or otherwise).

Delivery Fees: Recipient is obliged to pay the delivery Fee as soon as Recipient accepts a quote, notwithstanding failure of Provider to supply the goods within the timescale provided.

Reyooz’s Provider Fees include elements at its discretion including labour fee and carrier fees.

Reyooz in its absolute discretion may direct, and Providers and Recipients agree to such direction, that Reyooz’s fees can be invoiced and collected by an agent of Reyooz as if they are the fees of Reyooz and accordingly Provider agrees that non-payment maybe enforced either by Reyooz or by its agent.

Reyooz at its sole discretion may require payment of any charges to be either by invoice or immediate electronic payment in accordance with the operation of the Facility indicated to Recipient at the time Recipient accepts a supply.

Reyooz reuse charges are payable by Registered Providers for any introduction to goods whether finalising a collection occurs using the Facility or otherwise.


On registration, Providers must provide identification details and agree to Reyooz making limited enquiries to ensure identification.

Notwithstanding that the agreement to supply goods exists between Provider and Recipient only, Reyooz requires certain standards are maintained so as to maintain the reputation of the Facility:

Providers must indicate a person authorised to offer goods for re-use or recycling who is identifiable and contactable by Reyooz, however Providers may use an employee or agent to post goods to be offered for supply.
Providers hereby agree to a visit of their premises by Reyooz or its agent/due diligence for the purposes of verifying Provider’s storage of goods, identity and authority to post items.
Providers must provide safe access to the premises where goods are stored for the purposes of a Recipient or carrier attending the premises to collect the goods to be supplied.
Provider must store goods in reasonable conditions such as are unlikely to result in dramatic deterioration of the goods accepted by a Recipient while they are listed or before Provider has notified Reyooz in good time that the conditions of the goods has changed.
Listings on the Facility must be kept up to date including but not limited to removing or reclassifying listings where the goods are no longer available or their condition has deteriorated.
In the event that Provider agrees to supply goods but such goods are not available or accessible to a carrier upon arrival for collection of those goods, Provider shall be liable for carrier’s charges. Reyooz may charge Provider a reasonable charge for Reyooz’s administration of such payments to be invoiced or taken by other payment means.
Once ordered Provider must hold goods for a minimum period as indicated on Facility or as notified to Recipient.
When listing or making items available to reyooz.com, Provider must abide In accordance with rules on listings set out below.
Provider warrants that Provider is free to offer the goods for supply through Reyooz, owns title to the goods and goods are free from any encumbrances.


Provider must have all necessary permissions and be in a position to make the submission of listings material to the Facility before doing so. All material information concerning each listing must be disclosed (including but not limited to comprehensive details of any encumbrances to ownership or possession of all goods advertised). Provider warrants that that all information supplied in the listing shall be true and accurate to the best of Provider’s knowledge and belief and not be misleading in any manner. Reyooz at its absolute discretion may require Provider to supply additional information concerning the listings submitted.

Provider shall classify goods as re-use or recycling as appropriate in their honestly held opinion. Any statement of quality must honestly and accurately reflect the true state of the goods using the criteria supplied by the Facility / any other information that can be supplied.

Listings shall be made in accordance with the procedures found on Reyooz.com. Guidance on unacceptable usage, listings and conduct can be requested from reyooz.com. Reyooz reserves the right to remove any listing from the Facility without notice to Provider and without giving reasons and in particular may close down or delete listings that in its sole opinion have been submitted in violation of the Use Agreement.

It is Provider’s responsibility to ensure that any listings are not defamatory or offensive, untrue, racially offensive or an incitement to racial hatred or otherwise in breach of an individual’s right to privacy or human rights, or infringing the intellectual property rights of others, or inclusive or comprised of prohibited items including those indicated in the relevant policies on Reyooz.com, or products the advertisement or sale of which would be illegal in the [UK].

Reyooz.com reserves the right to delete any such material that in its reasonable view is potentially actionable in any jurisdiction and without giving rise to any claim by Provider against Reyooz for so doing.

Reyooz.com shall have the final choice of the manner in which any listings will be searched, displayed, accessed, downloaded, copied, and otherwise used in the Facility and reyooz.com may modify listings for this reason.

Reyooz.com may remove listings that remain on the Facility without any interest from potential Recipients. Guidance on the periods listings can remain listed can be found from reyooz.com and is subject to variation from time to time. Reyooz.com will use its reasonable endeavours to notify Provider that reyooz.com is considering removing an inactive listing and will take into account any representation by Provider in deciding whether to maintain the listing.


Recipient must supply details of their organisation that Recipient represents.

Recipient registrant warrants that their organisation authorises the individual to represent it to accept supply of goods and to agree to these Use Agreement terms. Recipient shall supply identification information to permit Reyooz to contact such person.

Recipients must provide safe access to the premises where goods are to be delivered.

If delivery is by carrier Recipient must accept delivery of goods if cancellation is not made in good time.

Recipient shall remain liable for carrier’s costs if Recipient is not available to take delivery and may be required to pay for disposal and/or storage of such goods if reasonably required as a result of Recipient’s refusal or failure to take delivery.

Recipient may make arrangements to collect, under certain circumstances at the discretion of Reyooz. Upon attendance at Provider’s location for the goods, Recipient may refuse to collect the goods provided notification is made to Provider in good time.

Once Recipient has agreed to take delivery of the goods Providers are required under these terms to hold the goods for the periods indicated on the Facility or as otherwise notified by Provider to Recipient. Recipient must either collect or accept delivery (as appropriate and agreed with Reyooz) in accordance with timescales indicated on Facility or notified by Provider via the Facility. These terms do not oblige Provider to store goods for longer than they have indicated and accordingly Recipient may lose out on the chosen supply.


[Registration is personal to the individual registering and may not be transferred whether temporarily or permanently to another individual representing a User.] An organisation using the Facility must ensure that the individual accessing the Facility is individually registered on reyooz.com. An individual registering on behalf of a business must be authorised by that business to do so. The registrant is responsible for the actions of any person using the Facility under their login credentials.

Only individuals over the age of 18 may register or use the Facility provided that User or the User’s business has not been temporarily or permanently suspended from reyooz.com. Reyooz accepts no liability for use of the Facility by persons under the age of 18 in violation of the Use Agreement.

Reyooz may refuse registration to an individual or User at its reasonable discretion including but not limited to the User's details failing to pass verification.

A User may terminate their registration at any time either on-line or in writing to Reyooz using the contact details shown on Reyooz.com. Fees outstanding at the time of termination will remain payable. Reyooz may terminate or suspend the registration or access to Reyooz.com of any User who breaches the Use Agreement and/or on expiry or failure of the User’s payment method notified to Reyooz upon registration.

User Conduct

Users must not

(a) interfere with the access or use of any other User or the proper functioning of Reyooz.com whether by electronic or other means;
(b) distribute, download, reproduce, modify, enhance, deep link or use sell or distribute for commercial gain or otherwise use any material contained on Reyooz.com except as permitted with the proper functioning of the brokering services provided by the Facility;
(c) interfere with the intellectual property rights or confidential information of Reyooz in reyooz.com and/or its contents. Access or use of reyooz.com does not confer any license or right to use any logos, brands, trade marks or other intellectual property rights of Reyooz in any form or manner. Any violations of the system or of the network security may result in civil or criminal liability. Reyooz reserves the right to report to law enforcement authorities any information or actions that Reyooz may, at its sole discretion, consider illegal.


Disputes concerning the function of the Facility should be directed to Reyooz.com. Disputes concerning the goods supplied are a matter between Provider and Recipient.

Reyooz may suspend or terminate a User’s registration if, in its sole opinion, the User has violated the terms of use of reyooz.com

Liability & Limitation

Users shall indemnify and hold harmless Reyooz and its management in respect of any loss or damage to persons or property incurred through User accessing, browsing or using Reyooz.com to the extent permitted by law.

Reyooz disclaims all liability whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any business loss resulting such as loss of data, profits, revenue, business, opportunity, goodwill, reputation or business interruption or for any losses which are not reasonably foreseeable by Reyooz arising out of User’s use of the Facility.

In any event (except in relation to death or personal injury for which no injury applies) Reyooz limits its liability to a) the commission payable by the User on the supply of goods to which the loss was incurred or b) £100 whichever is the larger.

It is solely User’s responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services, merchandise and other information provided by other Users through Reyooz.com. Reyooz accepts no responsibility for checking or verifying the accuracy of material submitted to Reyooz.com and User accepts that Reyooz has no liability for the accuracy or otherwise of information provided by other Users. Reyooz gives no warranty that the Facility or goods or services obtained through it will meet User’s individual requirements.


Reyooz takes all reasonable efforts for data backup and business resumption procedures however User i) is solely responsible for retaining back-up copies of all information submitted to Reyooz.com and ii) acknowledges that reyooz.com may be subject to reasonable downtime for necessary or routine maintenance.

Reyooz makes no representations whatsoever about the content or functioning of any other websites accessed via or referred to on reyooz.com and whilst User may use links on reyooz.com to access other third-party sites the use of such links is entirely at User’s own risk.

Reyooz disclaims all liability for the acts or omissions of persons unlawfully accessing or using reyooz.com or misusing the personal information of Users obtained through reyooz.com whether such acts or omissions occur during use of the Facility or otherwise.

Data Protection

User’s personal data supplied during the registration process is held and managed by Reyooz in accordance with its privacy policy available at https://www.reyooz.com/about/privacy

By using the Facility User acknowledges and hereby consents to Reyooz processing User’s personal data necessary to fulfil Reyooz’s contractual obligations to User including but not limited to transfer of data to territories outside the European Economic Area.


This Use Agreement is between Users and Reyooz only and is not intended to confer any rights of any nature upon any other party.

Reyooz is an information society service provider acting as a mere conduit for Users to access services available on-line. Reyooz does not and shall not act as an agent either expressly or impliedly on behalf of any User. Users forming legal relationships with other Users on-line do so entirely at their own risk

If any provision of the Use Agreement or part thereof is held to be invalid or unenforceable by or under any law, rule, order or regulation of any competent authority or by the final adjudication of any court, such inconsistency, invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of the Use Agreements.

The failure of Reyooz to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Use Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of its right to enforce such right or provision subsequently.

The Use Agreement (but not including the headings therein) and the policies to which it refers constitute the entire agreement between Reyooz and User relating to the subject matter herein.

By accessing and/or using reyooz.com User agrees that the laws prevailing in England shall be the governing laws in all matters relating to the interpretation of this Use Agreement and the courts of England alone shall have the exclusive jurisdiction to decide all matters relating to this Use Agreement.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us on hello@reyooz.com.