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Hotbox Personal Storage System

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Flexible working and Hot Desking Solution The hotbox™ Origin is a unique portable personal storage system designed to make your workspace more productive. More people are now working on the move, from home or from flexible offices. The hotbox™ is an ideal solution that allows users to transport files and other personal items safely and easily between these locations. The hotbox™ comes with a dual action lid that keeps the contents safe and secure while being carried and then simply slides out of the way to give easy access. Inside there are flexible dividers, file hanging bars and pen pot that allow you to customise the interior of the box. Business card holders located on the side and top to easily identify the box. Manufactured from white polypropylene and aluminium the hotbox™ is strong and impact resistant while remaining light enough for easy transportation. It has ergonomic handles to make it safe and easy to carry or pull out of a locker and a storage clip to hang it on workplace screens and dividers, lifting it off the work surface.