Reuse Made Easy

  • Why REyooz?

    We created REyooz because wasting anything just makes us go a little crazy. We're the only species on the planet that creates waste, we dig up the planets natural resources - use them for a little while and then dump them unceremoneaously in landfill. Arrggghg!

    We simply need to stop buying new stuff, make more of the stuff we already have by reusing, repairing and recycling and it is totally within our power to confine WASTE to the history books - but it's NOT SIMPLE ENOUGH yet. We've created REyooz to answer that and make it simple. If it's easier to share than to dump, people and organisations will do it.

    Social networks exchange billions of little messages and photos every day, what if those messages were for things that need a new home. By making something as simple as Twitter or Instagram and applying it to surplus stuff, we believe (and hope) that we can make reuse and sharing a habit that eventually leads to a Zero waste world - one we can proudly leave to future generations.

    Clearing out the house - which charity should I call, who would take these bits and pieces? It's hard to know, so just post it all on REyooz and let us find a new owner. Wasting money and resources sending goods to waste management while buying new in procurement - use REyooz as your surplus inventory system and redistribute before buying new/

  • How do I REyooz?

    In simple terms, take a photo and describe what you want rid of and REyooz will find a person, a charity or a recycling organisation who wants to take it.

    The details are where it get's interesting. REyooz is built to work for individuals in communities AND organisations small and huge - it works for everyone. Organisations can create internal private groups and share stuff like furniture, stationary, electricals, IT equipment etc. across departments and locations.

    REyooz learns from every item and every exchange. It can measure our impact both financially and environmentally, and it can start to create stronger connections so that eventually nothing - not matter how trival or small - is ever wasted and can always find a new home.

  • For Organisations

    Create your REyooz group in minutes and get your colleagues and employees on board. Start seeing the financial and environmental rewards almost immediately. REyooz is safe, secure and simple - you’re in control of who shares what.

  • For Communities

    Clear some clutter at home and REyooz connects you with neighbours and local charities who would love to pop round and collect your stuff. REyooz is as public or as private as you want it to be - you choose who collects what and when.