Reuse Made Easy

  • Why REyooz?

    Waste does not really exist, everything is a resource. REyooz is building the reuse and redistribution network for the Circular Economy. Making it easier and more profitable to reuse and share goods than to waste them and buy new, we can realise our dream of a world without waste.

    Only 10% of the raw materials used to make a product are found in the final product. So, the chair you are sitting on actually generated a further 90% of waste during manufacture. More alarmingly, the amount of waste generated for a single laptop computer is close to 4000 times the weight. For this reason alone it is important to reuse where possible. But there are also lots of other benefits to reuse.

    REyooz is the network where buying new is the last resort and nothing is wasted. A network where reusable items are redistributed for their 2nd, 3rd and more useful lives. When the items fail they are diverted repair and refurbishment organisations.

    We want to reduce waste and carbon emissions. We believe in a circular economy, a cradle to cradle approach to sustainability. We want to make it easy for organisations to reduce unnecessary purchasing. We want to make it easy for anyone to divert surplus resources to charity and SMEs so they can further their aims.

    We want public sector, business and charity to collaborate to reduce resource use, encourage efficiency and sustainability and leave the planet in a better state than it was in when we arrived.