Waste not, want not

  • UK businesses spend
      £9 million a year
    sending office desks to landfill

  • If you think that's nuts then join REyooz and put a stop to it

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  • For Organisations

    Create your REyooz group in minutes and get your colleagues and employees on board. Start seeing the financial and environmental rewards almost immediately. REyooz is safe, secure and simple - you’re in control of who shares what.

  • For Individuals

    Clear some clutter at home and REyooz connects you with neighbours and local charities who would love to pop round and collect your stuff. REyooz is as public or as private as you want it to be - you choose who collects what and when.

"Instagram meets Freecycle"

That’s how we’ve been described. If giving away, sharing and getting rid of surplus stuff was easy - we’d all be doing it.

REyooz makes it easy for organisations and individuals

“Sunderland City Council saves £45,000 in nine months by reusing assets and equipment”

Try REyooz for FREE in your organisation.

  • De-clutter and do some good

    "Homes in the UK have over £50 billion pounds of stuff tucked away in cupboards and garages that hasn’t been used in over a year."

    REyooz works with charities, social enterprises and specialist recycling and upcycling organisations who are waiting to take your clutter and give you your space back.

  • Love your planet
  • Love your planet

    We want to live in a world where nothing ever goes to waste. There is always somebody, somewhere, who can put the stuff you don’t need to good use. Our ambition is to create that network, create those connections - a zero waste wrapper around the world.