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  • REyooz is an asset sharing app for heros on a mission to cut spending and put an end to waste

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  • At work

    Create a private REyooz group, invite colleagues to join the group and together build an inventory of surplus assets you can share across your entire organisation. Get real time financial and environmental savings reports.

  • At home

    Set aside 5 minutes and share that stuff you're hiding in the - garage, loft, under the bed - with the REyooz community. UK homes have an estimated £50 billion of stuff gathering dust, share your stuff and save the world.

REyooz at work

"Sunderland Council saves £45,000 in nine months by creating a reuse group"

  • 2,248,207

    CO2 savings

  • 766,600

    KG waste saved

  • £5,144,858

    Financial savings

  • REyooz at home

    "Homes in the UK have over £50 billion pounds of stuff tucked away in cupboards and garages that hasn’t been used in over a year."

    We've got so much stuff that we don't know what to do with. It's too much trouble to Ebay and we never quite make it to the charity shop. By sharing with our neighbours and local charities we create a new way of living, freeing ourselves from the burden of clutter and sharing our stuff for the greater good.

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  • Love your planet
  • Love your planet

    We want to live in a world where nothing ever goes to waste. There is always somebody, somewhere, who can put the stuff you don’t need to good use. Our ambition is to create that network, create those connections - a zero waste wrapper around the world.