Reyooz BETA

Waste not, want not

  • Reyooz gives away great stuff

    Things like tables & chairs, cryogenic storage, oil paintings, bakery ovens, marble benches, plants, cabinets, fridges, computers, statues, coffee machines...

  • Get weekly updates, claim stuff you want

How it works

Instead of wasting perfectly good stuff, businesses, charities, and communities give stuff away on Reyooz. Other organisations claim what they want, Reyooz arranges delivery. Maximum savings, zero waste.

  • Share

    Post a photo of the stuff your organisation wants to get rid of.

  • Claim

    You claim the items you want and Reyooz sorts out who gets what based on cost, distance and carbon.

  • Deliver

    Winners are notified and Reyooz arranges delivery. If there is a cost for delivery Reyooz will tell you, sometimes it's free

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