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What is Reyooz?

Reyooz makes it easier and cheaper to reuse and redistribute your bulky waste rather than sending it to the tip. Fast, economical and sustainable.

  • Reduce

    Someone somewhere else in your organisation needs that desk you're getting rid of. Save 100% on waste disposal and procurement

  • Reuse

    There's a charity, social enterprise or small business nearby who would love to take that office equipment you're about to throw out. Save up to 50% on waste disposal.

  • Recycle

    For the stuff that has to go and isn't good enough to reuse, get the best quotes from local waste & recycling firms offering a more sustainable and cost effective disposal service.

Why Reyooz?

Reyooz will save you money - up to 50%. You post photos of your stuff, we find it a new home. You choose the quote you like.

  • London Southbank University

    Hundreds of chairs destined for the skip were catalogued in 30 minutes and claimed within hours by a charity partner. Saving 100% on waste disposal.

  • CISI

    A photographic inventory of over 1000 items recorded in 24 hours complete with weights, measures, locations and contact details.

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

    Maing savings every week on bulky waste disposal. Helping charities create over £1000 a month in revenues.