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Save your business tonnes of carbon and lots of money.

Buy, sell, share, donate, reuse, recycle and redistribute office furniture, fixtures and equipment.

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Create your Zero Waste workplace

Reyooz helps organisations large and small to cut costs and reduce carbon by creating Zero Waste workplaces using our Sustainability as a Service platform.

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Reyooz creates environmental and social impact

Reyooz unlocks the environmental, social and governance value of your office furniture and equipment by using technology to take action and record the data.

Social Impact By Design

Charities, schools, and small businesses depend on Reyooz to stay alive and thrive in our challenging and turbulent economy.

“The sofas have created a new youth zone in our church, creating a sense of ownership in our teens. Selecting, ordering, and delivery were all great, thank you.”

Rev. Jon Somerville
Woodford Baptist Church, London

“Getting furniture this cheap is brilliant. The huge sofa makes such a difference to the space, it's far more welcoming than it was before. Thank you Reyooz.”

Scott Taylor
Forest Recycling Project, Waltham Forest

“We've saved over £100,000 using Reyooz and improved the school in months that would have otherwise taken a decades”

Rashid Benserghin
Roxbourne Primary School, Harrow

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Why Reyooz?

UK companies waste up to 500 tonnes of furniture, fixtures and equipment every day!. It's wrong and it has to change now.

  • 80% is landfilled or burned
  • Less than 20% is recycled
  • 80% is in good to new condition
  • Over £1 billion wasted every year

What is Reyooz?

A technology platform providing Sustainability as a Service. Digitising your furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and connecting it to our marketplace and logistics.

  • Inventory

    Photographic AI powered cloud inventories, asset tagging and tracking, accessible on any device across your organisation.
  • Logistics

    Fleets of vehicles, teams of fitters and porters and storage facilities. On demand from one platform.
  • Marketplace

    Tens of thousands of companies, schools, charities and other organisations - buying, selling and sharing surplus assets.

How does Reyooz work?

Photographic inventories, asset management, geo-location, asset tagging, removals, storage, reuse, recycling, re-distribution and reporting.

  • Record

    Everything your company owns, tagged and tracked across your organisation.
  • Remove

    Teams of fitters, porters and move managers. Vans and lorries, on demand and at your service.
  • Reuse

    Redistribute spare resources across your sites, store stuff or sell and donate to other organisations.
  • Report

    Comprehensive data for ESG and carbon accounting. Measure carbon and financial savings. Capture CSR and social impact.

Join the Reyooz revolution

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Reyooz is here to handle everything for you, whether you have just a few items to get rid of or entire buildings to clear and manage.


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