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Who is Reyoozing?

Reusing items internally saves on both waste disposal and procurement costs. Sharing with other organisations often results in savings of over 50% on waste disposal alternatives as many collect for free or significantly less than waste.

  • London Southbank University

    Reyoozed over 250 items of furniture in less than 2 hours saving 100% on waste costs within 14 days of listing.

  • CISI

    Reyoozing over 1000 items of office furniture and electricals with a potential saving of over 50% on waste disposal costs.

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital

    Each week Reyoozing dozens of items of furniture, appliances and childrens toys. Saving over 50% on waste costs.

  • Love your planet
  • How it Works

    1. 1. Upload a photo and Reyooz uses image recognition to identify items, estimates weight, dimensions, waste and replacement costs and embodied carbon - in less than 30 seconds.

    2. 2. Share items internally with members of your organisation or externally with verified Reyooz members including charities, social enterprises and reuse companies.

    3. 3. Receive claims for items quickly and manage redistribution efficiently with notifications, private messaging and real time reporting.