Waste not, want not

  • REyooz is an asset redistribution app for teams on a mission to save money and the environment

  • Get up and running in 60 seconds
    REyooz is free for as long as you want

How it works

REyooz creates your entire inventory of surplus goods and assets in the cloud. Every spare chair, desk, computer, printer - you get the idea. Add surplus assets or find something you need, on any device. Save money and carbon emissions and track your performance with REyooz statistics and metrics.

  • Add

    Create your inventory by adding photos, uploading a spreadsheet or just an item title. REyooz does the image recognition, weight assessment and carbon measurements for you.

  • Find

    Find something you need from your REyooz group rather than just raising a purchase order. Simple search and browse features make it quick and easy.

  • Exchange

    Find what you need and say you want it. Arrange when and where to collect the item using secure messsaging, email or text message.

Why REyooz?

The planets future is at stake. The temperature is rising and we can take a huge step closer to a Circular Economy by putting an end to waste. REyooz is a practical solution to the planets emerging resource problems and helps organisations be more profitable by saving money.

  • People

    Whether it's just your team or the entire organisation, any member of your group can REyooz on any device without special software.

  • Planet

    Reduce landfill, reduce manfuacturing and supply chain CO2 by making better use of the stuff you have and not buying new.

  • Profit

    Make significant savings on waste disposal and procurement. Organisations save up to £500 per employee per year.

Who is it for?

REyooz helps Facilities Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Procurement teams do their jobs better. By reusing assets that might otherwise have been wasted, your organisation can save money and the environment by being more sustainable - and measuring it.

  • Facilities Management

    You need to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, the easiest way to do this is to stop buying new stuff and reuse what you've already got. Your budget also looks a lot healthier too.

  • CSR

    People, Planet, Profit. Hit your targets on all three and show how you did it with REyooz reports. Beautifully simple at a high level, detailed down to the last item reused. REyooz measures everything.

  • Procurement

    Direct your entire organisation to REyooz to find what they need before raising a purchase order. Save money and the environment..

Add a photo, that's it.

Weight, dimensions, savings on waste disposal and procurement, CO2 carbon footprint - all presented as beautiful reports. Our asset recognition and assessment software does the hard work.

  • Magic by default

    Imagine if you could just take a photograph and REyooz could immediately tell you what it is, how heavy it is, how much it would cost to dispose of it or buy a new one and what it's carbon footprint is. REyooz does just that.

  • Save on waste

    The average organisation spends up to 4% of annual turnover on waste disposal. REyoozing could save up to £500 per employee per year.

  • Save on procurement

    Directing your organisation to REyooz to find what they need before considering buying new means huge savings on purchasing and procurement.

  • Save on administration

    By engaging and including your entire organisation you give everyone ownership of your surplus assets. Adminstration time and costs are cut.

  • Security

    You have complete control of your REyooz group. Manage users, items and connections with other local organisations. REyooz is hosted on secure servers and never shares your data with anyone.

  • Collaboration

    Connect with other local organisations. You can expand your network and partner with charities, schools, health sector, social enterprises, local government - think differently about your resources.

  • Anytime, Anywhere

    REyooz just works on your computer, tablet or phone. No need for special software or installations. It's ready in minutes.

  • CSR superstar

    REyooz offers an opportunity for your entire workforce, and your partners, to get involved in actively reducing waste and CO2. Increase your donations of goods to charity and local social enterprise.

  • Easy upload

    You can drop your Excel spreadsheet into REyooz and it will automatically convert that into your cloud inventory. Alternatively drop a library of photographs onto REyooz and it will do the rest.

  • Office clearance

    Load REyooz with everything you might want to move, donate to charity, hand over to the community or send off to recycling well ahead of your move date. Track every item and know what went where.

  • Facilities management

    Do more with less. Minimise bulky waste, minimise spending. Help your team help themselves. Facilities management are often best placed to be the sustainability voice of your organisation.

  • Love your planet
  • Love your planet

    We want to live in a world where nothing ever goes to waste. There is always somebody, somewhere, who can put the stuff you don’t need to good use. Our ambition is to create that network, create those connections - a zero waste wrapper around the world.