Rockefeller House

Sustainability Report

Installing Reyooz at UCL connects their furniture, fixtures and equipment to a massive marketplace where anything and everything can be reused, repaired, refurbished, resold and recycled. Exceptional Carbon and ESG impact data backed by hard evidence and irrefutable proof.


Total Embodied Carbon

£ 35,224

Notional Replacement Value

RRP of goods recorded


Total Weight of AUM

How much carbon is that?

Carbon comparison calculations based on data from the ICE dataset also used by BREEAM and WELL in the UK.

Watch TV for 3,555 days non-stop

Power a house for 400 days

Produce beef for 5,697 burgers

Drive a car for 553 hours non-stop

Light a bulb for 125 years continuously

Burn 4.99 tonnes of coal

🥳 Nothing has been recycled 🎉

Assets Under Management

You've recorded 100 items, reused 52 and recycled items.

View the full list of items.

Total traceability and accountability

52 items can be traced from your office to 21 new homes


Reyooz Limited,
Third Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London.


Reyooz Warehouse,
Node Farm, Bury Lane, Codicote, Hertfordshire.

Reyooz is a limited company registered in England & Wales Company Number 08874735