25 Gordon Street

Sustainability Report


Embodied carbon saved

£ 4,604

Social Impact Value


Diverted from landfill and incineration

🥳 We reused 100% of everything!!! 🎉

Not a gram was wasted.

Watch TV for 1,523 days non-stop

Power a house for 171 days

Produce beef for 2,442 burgers

Drive a car for 237 hours non-stop

Light a bulb for 54 years continuously

Burn 2.14 tonnes of coal

Circular Economy superstars

You've saved 97 items from landfill and incineration and given them another lease of life!

Saved from destruction

You've diverted an estimated 1,650kg from landfill and incineration

Social impact

Reyoozing adds huge value to local communities, charities, schools and small businesses.

Total traceability and accountability

Every single item can be traced from your office to 8 new homes


Reyooz Limited,
Third Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London.


Reyooz Warehouse,
Node Farm, Bury Lane, Codicote, Hertfordshire.

Reyooz is a limited company registered in England & Wales Company Number 08874735