Reuse Made Easy

5 Aldermanbury Square

5 Aldermanbury Square, Barbican, London EC2V 7HR

Sustainability report


saved from landfill and incineration

Based on FRN average weights


Embodied carbon saving

Based on WRAP Carbon Methodology and supporting data from ICE and FIRA

£ 146,050

Value of goods donated to good causes

Based on similar products available on Amazon, Ebay and Gumtree

Watch TV for 30,357 days non-stop

Power a house for 3,415 days

Produce beef for 48,652 burgers

Drive a car for 4,723 hours non-stop

Light a bulb for 1,070 years continuously

Burn 42.57 tonnes of coal

Delivering happiness

By simply giving away stuff that would otherwise have been thrown away

The Eden School

The Eden School in Gunnersby, London, is a special place where children from all backgrounds thrive and are encouraged to be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be.


Caritas Anchor House

"For every 6 vacant homes there is one homeless person - surely these baffling statistics need to be challenged?"

Caritas Anchor House is a residential and life skills centre for single homeless adults in Newham. The borough has the highest level of homelessness than anywhere else in the country, and there is more demand for our services than ever before.

“You helped us furnish our new office with beautiful good quality furniture, at no charge. This move will enable us to grow professionally and meet our users needs that much better. We will always remain grateful”.

The Sonshine Club

The Sonshine Club is London based food growing project for children - “Grow to Eat - Eat to Grow”, helping them to establish a healthy lifestyle and learn practical lessons about the natural world. Your support means they can invest limited funds into continuing the good work they do, rather than spending money operational office goods.

Launchpad - East Herts District Council

Launchpad is a new business innovation centre in Bishop's Stortford, which was set up in September 2017. Launchpad are growing and supporting more startup businesses and good causes in Bishops Stortford. They chose to save valuable funds to invest in their community but also to use second hand goods and coinsciously reduce their impact o nthe environment.

Indo China Coffee

A relatively new London based start-up who builds meaningful, long-term relationships with coffee producers from emerging markets in Southeast Asia, bringing the best specialty coffees to roasters in the UK and Europe. The money saved on office storage cabinets helps them to continue their great work supporting fair trade deals for emerging markets.



The Society for Entrepreneurial Education and Development (S.E.E.D.) is a charity based in Notting Hill. They invest everything they have into empowering socially excluded young people, teaching them how to gorw their own ideas and startup concepts, giving them the tools and confidence to stand of their own feet.

Source 247

A relatively new startup who are growing out of their shared workspace can now finally secure their very own office. Thanks to you they don't need to spend a small fortune on furnishing their own office and can afford to invest instead in their people.

The Influence Room

Another fascinating startup, pairing big brands with key influencers across the social media landscape. Launching and scaling new and innovative ideas is tough and money is scarce. The Influence Room now have an office thanks to the desks, chairs and storage cabinets they received.


Saved from destruction

You've diverted an estimated 26,339kg from landfill and incineration

Delivering happiness

Real people getting real stuff thanks to 5 Aldermanbury Square