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This isn't just recycling, this is reuse. All of the energy and carbon invested into products when they're made is lost when we recycle them. Not so when we reuse.

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Massive social impact

Schools, charities, social enterprises, small businesses and people have shared a whopping £0 thanks to you.

The Reading School

The Reading School, just a stones throw from the Microsoft Sonning campus, has received £1,000's of gorgeous furniture and equipment. The decomission of buildings 4 and 5 have added massive value to many local schools including Highdown School and St Michaels.

Keeping great stuff in circulation is a win win win. Microsoft wins, the community wins and the planet wins.

South Woodford Salvation Army

Major Paul Scott and his wife have been recently appointed by The Salvation Army to address needs in South Woodford, East London. They’re tasked with establishing a community programme.

When they arrived they found a centre in a run down condition that desperately needed to be repaired and redecorated. Much of the furnishings and fittings had passed their sell by date. Most were broken and had to be disposed of and recycled.

Furniture donations from Microsoft have transformed the space into something very special, an oasis that would have simply not been possible with reuse.

“Already we have obtained new chairs, coffee tables and waste bins as well as filing cabinets from Reyooz saving us thousands of pounds. This makes a huge difference to us especially in the present difficult times we are all going through”

Zebras Charity

Zebras Charity supports both children and adults with disabilities to live their life the way they choose.

They are driven by the belief that if you have a disability you must be given the chance to show your ability and get the most from your life.

Based in Enfield, the charity are opening their first Hub in October 2020 and will be using furniture from Reyooz to fit it out, enabling the charity to run small group support sessions.

“We’ve managed to get a wide range of furniture to fit our needs. The stacking chairs are great to help us run group sessions, while the adjustable desks mean that it’s easy for wheelchair users to have somewhere to work from. The Tub chairs will be going into our specially designed therapy room. We wouldn’t be able to do any of his without Reyooz and the generosity of their partners.”

Exodus Youth Worx

Exodus YouthWorx UK is a brand new charity, set up earlier this year. Setup to provide a safe place in Enfield for children and young people after school and in the holidays.

Opening has been delayed by Covid 19 but they are hoping to be running sessions by the end of the year.

As well as running homework clubs there will be other group activities as well as one-2-one support.

“We are applying for funding to set up. However due to the nature of that funding it's been impossible to get any money to fit out the space. That’s why the furniture we received from Microsoft makes such a huge difference to us. It’s frankly invaluable”

London Fire Brigade

With a looming £25m cut in funding in 2020, the London Fire Brigade is under massive pressure to continue saving lives and protecting communities.

Without enough money to pay fire fighters, there certainly isn’t anything left to furnish fire stations and offices.

John Newman, from the London Fire Brigade, received a range of desks and tables from Mircosoft. He has used the desks to transform a space in Croydon Fire station.

“The space wasn’t really being used and it now provides us with some brand new space to work from. Senior officers have even commented on how good the space looks!”

Reading Sea Cadets

Reading Sea Cadets aim to give young people an experience that will help them grow into the person they want to be in a safe and friendly environment.

Andy Mancey, the voluntary Chair of Reading Sea Cadets has used the furniture he received from Mircosoft to open up new classrooms for his growing number of Sea Cadets in Reading.

“We’ve been successful in recruiting more young people to join the SEA Cadets. Thanks to Reyooz we’ve been able to accept them.“

“You’ve been a godsend! Rooms that have been out of service for years are now in use, full of the great tables that came from Microsoft. I can’t praise Reyooz enough.”

Reading Hockey Club

Reading is one of the premier hockey clubs in the country, formed in 1904.

In summer 2020 Reading Hockey Club used the quiet time to refurbish their Club House.

“We used the tables from Reyooz to smarted up our dining area and we also got a few items to modernise our office space,” says Tim Hamilton, Chair of the Hockey Club.

“As an amateur sports team its great to have Reyooz as a resource we can get our hands on fantastic furniture like this that we wouldn’t normally be able to afford”

The Chiswick School

Chiswick school in West London have used the furniture they ordered from Reyooz to create brand new spaces for students.

“Getting the furniture from Reyooz has really helped us. We received desks that we have set up as a brand new study area for the Sixth form.”

“It’s great that our older students now have their own space to complete their homework an undertake independent study. That’s something we couldn’t offer them before”.

“We also got a great selection of sofas and chairs and coffee tables that we ‘ve used to repurpose a classroom and turn it into a common room. We just wouldn’t have been able to do this with Reyooz help”

Total traceability

Every single item can be traced from your office to it's new home