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Sustainability Report


Embodied carbon saved

£ 20,185

Social Impact Value


Diverted from landfill and incineration

We had to recycle 29% which means we reused 71% of everything!
That's 740kg of stuff containing 3264kg embodied carbon.

Watch TV for 2,784 days non-stop

Power a house for 313 days

Produce beef for 4,462 burgers

Drive a car for 433 hours non-stop

Light a bulb for 98 years continuously

Burn 3.90 tonnes of coal

Circular Economy superstars

You've saved 111 items from landfill and incineration and given them another lease of life!

Social impact

Reyoozing adds huge value to local communities, charities, schools and small businesses.

The Sonshine Club

We provide access to a number of well designed recreational, educational and healthy lifestyle activities regardless of health, financial or social status of the children. All activities are held within safe environments and overseen by qualified, responsible staff. 

 Our unique approach in providing both fun and educational components to all activity groups includes enlisting the services of specialists and volunteers to help improve children’s lives.

Refugee Action Kingston

Whether we’re born in Kingston or arrive here later in life, every one of us can play a valued role in the community. All we need is the right support. We’ve supported refugees and asylum-seekers in and around our area for over 30 years. Recently, our incredible staff and volunteers have helped over 1,500 clients a year with: Legal advice, Counselling, Language skills, Housing, Health and education, Career and volunteering advice

Churchill Healthcare

Churchill Health & Social Care provides a professional person centred service that enables you to remain in the familiar surroundings in the comfort of your own home.

We've refurbished several offices with desks and chairs found at Reyooz, enabling us to invest our money into care.

Total traceability and accountability

Every single item can be traced from your office to 28 new homes


Reyooz Limited,
Third Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London.


Reyooz Warehouse,
Node Farm, Bury Lane, Codicote, Hertfordshire.

Reyooz is a limited company registered in England & Wales Company Number 08874735