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UCL and Reyooz create award winning refurb projects and fit out international aid surgeries

For over five years, University College London (UCL) has partnered with Reyooz, a leading platform for sustainable waste management, in a joint effort to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Throughout this period, UCL and Reyooz have collaborated on multiple strip out, fit out, and decommission projects across the institution's expansive London estate. This fruitful partnership has significantly contributed to UCL's sustainability initiatives, yielding impressive results in waste reduction and carbon footprint management.

Together, UCL and Reyooz have successfully diverted more than 125 tonnes of waste from landfills, which translates to an impressive carbon emissions saving of up to 350 tonnes. This substantial achievement not only exemplifies the commitment of both parties to sustainable practices, but also serves as an inspiration to other institutions to follow suit in their waste management efforts.

The UCL-Reyooz collaboration has not only benefitted the environment, but also reached out to an extensive network of charities and schools. To date, over 200 organizations have directly benefitted from the partnership's waste reduction efforts, receiving redistributed resources that would have otherwise gone to waste. This shared commitment to supporting the community has cemented the bond between UCL and Reyooz, and their working relationship continues to grow stronger.

Since 2020, Reyooz has further expanded its role within the UCL community, becoming a reliable source of sustainable procurement for UCL employees. Through their innovative platform, staff members can now access a wide range of repurposed and refurbished items, which promotes the reuse of materials and further reduces the institution's ecological impact. By fostering this sustainable mindset and encouraging conscious consumption, the UCL-Reyooz partnership demonstrates how collaboration can drive significant positive change, both environmentally and socially.

Social and environmental impact ESG


Social impact value


Landfill and incineration diversion


Embodied Carbon saved

How much CO2 is that?

Watch TV for 87,378 days non-stop

Power a house for 9,829 days

Produce beef for 140,039 burgers

Drive a car for 13,595 hours non-stop

Light a bulb for 3,079 years continuously

Burn 122,530kg of coal

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The challenge

As part of the transformation process some of UCL’s storage has been repurposed, and with it large quantities of furniture and equipment has been made surplus to requirements.

It has left the university with a great deal of quality furniture and a dizzying array of other equipment needing to find a new home, quickly, something the existing reuse systems couldn’t cope with.

"UCL cares about what we do with excess resources and how we do it, Reyooz helps us deliver on that. Seeing our surplus furniture become a library for patients suffering from dementia at The Anchor Trust was really powerful.”

The solution

Since starting work with the UCL Estates teams in August 2017, Reyooz have worked across 7 different UCL sites and found homes for a over 75,000kg of goods.

Reyooz redistributed goods including a suite of dental chairs and x-ray machines, medical equipment, a tonne of books, several hundred exam desks, building materials and tonnes of standard office furniture to over 40 charities and dozens of small businesses.

The result

Reyooz has empowered UCL to cost-effectively redistribute over £750,000 of valuable office furniture, business equipment and materials it no longer needs to thousands of grassroots organisations and small businesses that normally find it impossible to create a relationship with large institutions like UCL.

"We made a quiet area and a library for Alzheimer sufferers at the Anchor Trust using furniture from and carpet tiles from Reyooz. We wouldn't otherwise have even considered doing this had we not found Reyooz and their incredibly low prices.”

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