Reuse Made Easy

Upgrade from recycling to reuse

Whether you're clearing a cupboard or an entire office building, Reyooz makes it easy to give surplus goods to people who need them instead of paying for them to be tossed into a skip.

How it works

You're already saving water and energy, but what about resources? Cut costs and carbon emissions and add huge value to local communities by upgrading from recycling to reuse.

It costs nothing to start reusing

Don’t feel bad throwing good stuff away, feel great giving it away.

Upgrading to reuse is a win, win, win

You’ll feel fantastic, good causes and your local community get the support they need, and the planet will be happier too.

Full service or DIY - it’s up to you

If you have a lot to clear give Andrew a call on 07763 402 071 or email, if you’ve just a few items do it yourself in minutes.

Published in minutes, collected in days

Reyooz publishes your goods to over 5,000 community members including charities, schools, churches and small businesses.

Get started for free

Getting started with Reyooz is free, you’re under no obligation. Get 50% off your first clearance.

We’ll help you get setup, list your first items and give you a quote up-front for clearance. It’s up to you whether you want to give us a try.

Businesses in the UK spend over £500 million per year disposing of over £2 billion of furniture and supplies that could have been reused. Reyooz exists to put an end to this waste.

Reyooz is a limited company registered in England & Wales Company Number 08874735
Registered office address Fruitworks, 77 Stour Street, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 2NR