Save a fortune on office furniture and equipment

Reyooz clears unwanted office furniture and equipment from large corporate businesses and gives it to people who need it.

Save more

Save more

Don't waste your money on second hand furniture and equipment when you can get it from Reyooz for next to nothing. Spend your money on what matters.

Waste less

Waste less

Zero waste means massive carbon savings and a healthier, happier planet. The more we reuse, the more we do for the environment.

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Over £3 million of fab stuff given away

Cupboards and cabinets, chairs and sofas, catering equipment, microwaves and fridges, desks and tables, two electric vehicles, a fork lift truck, stationery, televisions and computer monitors... and this is just the beginning

“Our experience has been very good. We're very happy to have saved over £5,000 using Reyooz. I'd urge anyone to signup to their service. A great idea, well implemented.”

Jon Marks, London Bike Hub, Uxbridge

“Hard to believe I got an Orangebox Ara chair that would have cost me £500 new for just the £30 delivery cost.”

“Getting furniture this cheap is brilliant. The huge sofa makes such a difference to the space, it's far more welcoming than it was before.”

Scott Taylor, The Forest Recycling Project, Waltham Forest

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“Great service. I work for a charity and we needed some furniture after moving offices. £30 delivery cost for 5 big bookcases and very quick delivery.”

“I’ve been keeping my eye on reyooz for a couple of months and when I saw the Silver tambour cabinets I knew straight away that’s what I needed. It’s now in my garage and my home office finally feels complete.”

Mark S, London

“My garage looks amazing with my new shiny storage cabinets. Thank you for such a faultless service, your delivery team were lovely.”

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