Reuse Made Easy

How it works

Instead of wasting perfectly good stuff, businesses, charities, and communities give stuff away on Reyooz saving at least 20-30% compared to waste disposal. Other organisations claim what they want, Reyooz arranges delivery. Maximum savings, zero waste.

  • Share

    Post a photo of goods you no longer need and would rather not waste. Reyooz does the rest for less than the cost of waste disposal.

  • Claim

    Claim the items you want and Reyooz works on a queue basis calculating shipping costs, distance and carbon emissions.

  • Deliver

    Winners are notified and Reyooz arranges delivery. If we need help with shipping costs Reyooz will tell you, sometimes it's free


We need to clear 30,000 sq metres in three weeks

  • UCL and Reyooz
  • Hectic, mayhem, success

    Reyooz was asked to help clear a 20,000 sq metre building scheduled for demolition, Reyooz moved goods to over two dozen charities and as many small businesses reusing over 20 tonnes.




Land Securities

Things need to move fast, space and time are at a premium.

  • Love your planet
  • 24 hour turnarounds

    Pioneering property management firm Land Securities are working together with Reyooz to introduce reuse as the default option to their 82 properties and over 400 tenants across London.




Great Ormond Street Hospital

Saving weekly on waste and procurement

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital and Reyooz
  • 24/7 reuse where it matters

    Reyooz work in partnerhisp with GOSH on a daily and weekly basis. In such a large hospital trust, we find ourselves facilitating the sharing of goods inside the hospital, between departments, on a daily basis. Saving the trust huge amounts on waste disposal and procurement, we're even finding ways to donate surplus medical equipment to surgeries around the country.