Vintage Vitra Eames EA107 Aluminium non swivel office chair



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Quality 23 year old chair
Dull frame
Arm height 66
Seat height 44



Carbon: 16.44kg

Dimensions: W50 H82 D50 cm

Comes complete with
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Introducing our exceptional Vintage Vitra Eames EA107 Vintage Aluminium non swivel office chair, a timeless tribute to sustainability and style! Crafted with a commitment to the environment, this pre-owned piece embodies the essence of eco-friendliness and the values of the circular economy. With an elegant design that stands the test of time, this chair beautifully combines functionality, comfort, and sustainability. Each piece in our collection has been carefully selected and reused to reduce waste and promote a sustainable future. By giving this office chair a second life, you contribute to the global effort of reducing environmental impact and saving valuable resources. Experience the joy of sitting in a chair that not only exudes elegance but also embraces the principles of the circular economy. Made from reused aluminium, this vintage gem aligns perfectly with your eco-conscious lifestyle, uplifting your workspace with a touch of retro charm. Investing in this sustainable chair not only benefits the environment but also delivers significant cost savings without compromising quality. Join us in embracing the power of sustainable design and enjoy the satisfaction of nurturing a better, greener world. Elevate your workplace with our Vintage Vitra Eames EA107 Aluminum chair – a modern testament to sustainable living.


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