Reyooz AM

An easy-to-use inventory and asset management tool for full visibility of every asset across your organisation. Know what you have, where it is and share that information with colleagues.

Manage and report

Add and manage your entire asset inventory. Request more Reyooz ID tags with a tap.

Report comprehensively on what your organisation owns, where it is and it’s financial and carbon value.

Easily plan moves and invite partners to collaborate.

Record evey detail be it a move, repair, purchase, sale or donation for robust reporting on ESG and Net Zero.

Share and move

Invite your colleagues across your organisation to use the Reyooz AM tool to record the surplus furniture, fixtures and equipment they have.

Enable different parts of your organisation to share surplus from one site to another.

Save on procurement costs and reuse assets internally with Reyooz supporting you with the logistics of making it happen.

Sell and donate

Sell or donate any item directly from the tool with little more than a click publishes it to the Reyooz Marketplace.

Book a clearance with support from your dedicated account manager.

Track the journey of every item and gather tonnes of great PR when your surplus goods become the treasured posessions of a community school, local business or small charity.

“Reyooz has become a trusted service partner at Broadgate. Their initiative, responsiveness and ethos matches ours and delivers a fabulous sustainability offer for our occupiers.”

Join the Reyooz revolution

Getting started with Reyooz is free, our clients only pay for results.


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